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Tax Professionals

In the present world, where businesses and professions demand fastidious way of happenings as result-oriented, it is always a complex part when it comes to money and taxes. But saving time and money is always possible though the intricacies involved in filling out the IRS form 1099 with exact classifications of non-employees and employees to differentiate between w-2 and many other tax accounting mistakes and errors may always pose a challenge to business profession. Tax professionals are always there to offer solutions to such complex problems.

Etax as IRS approved tax partner can in turn offer the tax professionals the best of the user-friendly on-line tax software application which is compatible and ideal for small business owners, agents filing any number of 1099 returns, accountants, tax practitioners, law firms and other finance professionals.

  • Our online tax software can handle and process one or thousands of unlimited tax forms of 1099 with ease as related to the businesses.
  • is suitable for tax professionals who manage 1099 compliance and after-the-fact payroll for multiple business filers.
  • Efiling volume of forms of 1099 with single registration, Efiling 250 or more forms of 1099 through reduces the cost per form as just $2 as payable fees to Etax1099 as very negligible.
  • We provide support services to an unlimited number of filers, companies, recipients, and employees.
  • is IRS compliant and offers unlimited US-based technical support service by phone, email, chat, or online Q&A portal at no extra charge.
  • is highly secured for commercial transactions with bank-level 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption with PCI compliance all through 24/7 and 365 days.
  • We have the ability to switch instantly from one 1099 filer / payer to another including the easy transfer facility of secured tax information from year to year for introspection and future tax planning.
  • We create secure PDF files of the tax information returns of form 1099 as ready to send digitally to recipients using any type of device including smart phones. Hence no waiting in lines! considerably saves your time and money towards the volume e-filing of form 1099. Register now and start filing multiple 1099 Forms with Ease.

Our Premium Services

Save time by sending your business and recipient information, ETAX1099 will take care of the rest ETAX1099 will submit your return electronically with IRS

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Thank you for your prompt and courteous customer service!! I have been going from site to site and have been on hold with the IRS forever! Went to this site and Arlenne helped me within seconds. She was patient and helped me step-by-step. Thanks Arlenne!!! Keep up the good work!
- Amanda Andrews, Whitestown Clerk Treasurer

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Form-1099 Filing service starts from $ 3.25